Society of Petroleum Engineers Universitas Diponegoro Student Chapter (SPE UNDIP SC) is a student chapter under SPE International and SPE Java for widely known professionally organization based in Department of Chemical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Diponegoro University. We are established in November 24, 2014 with SC ID 6190. Since January 2019, SPE UNDIP SC has started a new management period. The new elected President for 2018 is Alexander Rio and William Aditya Ayodyasenaas Vice President through our purpose of being – vision & mission, #AspiredToEnterprise.

SPE UNDIP SC have been around since 2011. Our precursors thought, “To bring petroleum industry knowledge especially upstream sector closer to the students and to expand their job career opportunities internationally. Hopefully, SPE can be a medium to enrich knowledge about petroleum.”


Advance SPE UNDIP SC’s aim towards the world’s energy industry demands in a sustainable manner through professional boards and members for the future generation


  1. Build and maintain a progressive, cooperative, and dedicated organisation with a strong bond between members
  2. Broaden SPE UNDIP SC’s name through community service and SPE events worldwide
  3. Enhance technical along with practical knowledge and personal development of boards and members
  4. Maintain and improve networking and relations with other SCs and the general community