Creative Media and Information



Creativity is intelligence having fun! Creativity acts as a mean for us to give upmost publication impacts to boards and members. It establishes the visual identity of this organization to oversee our publication and information perpetually.

Proudly introducing,
Elsa as Head of Creative Media & Information Department, Bagas Al Ridho as Deputy of Design & Innovation, and Tri Hanly Maurice as Deputy of Media & Journalism.


A. Design & Innovation Division

Deputy of Design’s objective is to pitch idea then develop the concept in amending it in line with our events and projects.

     Work Program:

  1. The Members
  2. Greeting Cards
  3. Thank God It’s Monday
  4. Trivia Quizzes

B. Media and Journalism Division

Work on providing information to the member by media publications such as E-Magazine, wall magazine, website and social media also documentating every events which held by SPE UNDIP SC. Deputy of Media & Journalism’s objective is to manage social medias and to publish either recent news or issues about energy in form of magazine and any writings.

Work Programs :

  1. Article of The Month
  2. Journal Petroleum Technology
  3. Petronews
  4. Wall Magazine
  5. E-Magazine
Your mind’s voice + vision + visuals = Your Brand!