Financial Public Relation



Public Relations are the best way to establish a brand to create difference with creative branding & the highest order. Communication is a fundamental needed of organization. So here we are to complete that function. Finance & Public Relations Department concerns to advance and preserve external relation of SPE Universitas Diponegoro Student Chapter. In addition to, SPE UNDIP SC also need fund to complete SPE’s daily need and FPR responsible to fullfit it.

Proudly introducing,
Hanif Noer Fachrie as Head of Finance & Public Relations Department, Safira Riyandita as Deputy of External Affairs, Andhika Pudji Utama as Deputy of Community Outreach, and M. Aviv Al Faris as Deputy of Fund Rising. 


A. External Affairs Division

Deputy of External Affairs’ objective is to build and foster good relationship with SPE SCs, SPE Java, alumnae, and other organizations. It is also enhancing our SC’s public image and brand.

Work Program :

1. SC Visit

2. FLM (Forum Lingkar Minyak)

3. Alumni Profile

4. Greeting Card – with CMI Department

5. Public Speaking Class


B. Community Outreach

Deputy of Community Outreach’s objective is to engage the community about our organization in the service of others, it also maintains relations with potential refferal sources.

Work Program : SPE Sharing


C. Fund Rising Division

Deputy of Fund Rising’s objective is to advance our organization’s financial sustainability including developing fund rising plans as well as department budgeting.

Work Program :

1. Fundrising

2. Sponsorship