Educate and enhance the board’s and member’s spirit to join competitions in order to compete with other SPE Student Chapter in Indonesia or International through provide training and educative events that should be implanted for each of those who join the professionalism department. Competence is a great confidence!

Proudly introducing,
Anthony Johan as Head of Professionalism Department, Ignatius Setiadi P as Deputy of Education, and Fredy Arief S as Deputy of Competition & Delegation.


A. Education Division

Deputy of Education’s objective is to enhance technical competence and professional skill to bring all boards and members a success in a real professional world. It’s on the way to expand our insights related to oil and gas issues.

Work Program :

1. Discussion Class

2. Intensive Class

3. Guest Lecture

4. Competition Overview

5. RAMINTEN (Petroleum Mini Competition)

        6. Do you know?


B. Competition & Delegation Division

Deputy of Competition & Delegation’s objective is to coach SPE members who are willing to challenge themselves in competition along with the journey of each delegate development.

Work Program :

1. Competition Calendar

2. Call for Delegates

3. Delegate’s Training